We just returned from an awesome adventure.  We went camping, with some friends, on Vancouver Island.  It was a fantastic time.  Lots of laughs, great weather, good food… what else do you need?

Before I blab on about the good times and pour out a billion pictures with little stories, I want to tell you about the role God played in our trip.  Not only did we have great weather and good times, He guided us safely on our travels and brought us where we needed to be at the perfect time: BC Children’s Hospital.  God is Good.

Little Dara (whom I have introduced to you before), at seven weeks old, the youngest member of our camping crew.  On the last days of the trip she started to have trouble keeping her food down.  She was spitting up a lot and her poop wasn’t normal.  Her spit up was slowly escalating in severity and started to look not-normal.  Her Dad, an Emergency Room nurse, and her Mom, years of experience with her own kids and in daycares, were watching closely and monitoring her eating.  We finished our time at Green Point and were trying (having decided before Dara started to really feel yucky) to extend our trip by a day or so to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Also, we were planning to spend some time in Vancouver to hit some family sites and enjoy a hotel room (shower!!).  God is Good.

In Port Alberni, Dara wasn’t happy and wasn’t feeling well, it was HOT, the kids were hungry and cranky.  We didn’t know where to go as we weren’t familiar with the community…  frustrated.  We needed someplace to rest, to eat and for the kids to have a chance to blow off some steam from the long and winding car-ride out of Tofino.  As we were driving around Port Alberni, looking for a park, I was praying for peace.  For rest.  For a sense of relaxation to come over our group and for us to feel refreshed.  L was in the lead vehicle turning through streets we had never seen before.  All of a sudden, he turned left and there was a park.  With shade.  And lots of space for the kids to play and picnic tables at which we could eat.  God is Good. 

As we moved towards the ferry, there were no vacant campsites to be found.  After speaking to a camp attendant, we decided, at 3:30pm on Saturday, just to head to the ferry and make our way back to the Mainland to adventure in the Vancouver area.  We have yet to actually catch the ferry we were heading for on our trips with this family.  Usually we miss the one we are trying to get and wait at the terminal for hours for the next one.  We made it to the ferry, with only a ten minute wait before boarding, and sailed our way over.  God is Good. 

When we landed, we tried to find a picnic site for dinner.  We decided to check out Cypress Mountain.  On the drive up, Dara became violently ill again.  We had talked about it before, but now it was time to head to a hospital.  J and I pulled out our trusty BC map and drove into Vancouver to try to find a hospital.  The first one I found on the map was BC Children’s.  I looked and found others then  I called Mar and asked which hospital she wanted to head to.  BC Children’s was the choice.  With no hitches, we arrived at the hospital at about 8:00pm on Saturday.  God is Good.

Justin and I took the two older boys and headed out to try and get a hotel room for the night, waiting a call from our friends to return to pick them up.  At about 10:30 we were finally checked into the hotel and had the boys (D, C and Hunter) and Susannah all ready for bed.  Justin got the call to return for the pick-up.  When baby Dara was having her last check to be discharged, she became ill again and the attending doctor made some observations about Dara that had not yet been made.  God is Good. 

An x-ray concluded that there was a twist in her bowels.  They ran some other tests and some bloodwork and it was decided that she would need surgery, right away.  How incredible that we just happened to be close to the right hospital for Dara to get the treatment that she needed?  How awesome that, in one night, she saw all the specialists and had the surgery required to help her on the road to recovery?  I’m completely in awe of God’s care in this situation, that we were able to be there with our friends and support them in this tough time, that there were no hitches in having Dara receive the best care possible.  Had she been seen in any other hospital she would have been flown to BC Children’s.  God is Good.

By the next morning, Dara had had her surgery.  The surgery removed a large cyst from her abdomen and a small section of her bowel.  From what I understand the cyst was of a significant size for her age and had dropped (because of it’s weight) pulling the intestine and twisting it, cutting off the food passage into her intestine for further digestion and nutrient absorption.  Today, was day two post-op.  Dara has had trouble keeping in her iv’s and is having some swelling because of it.  She is in pain because of her surgery.  Our friends are still at the hospital with Dara.  They will be there, until discharge, perhaps a week. The boys have arrived home with their grandparents.   

Please pray for them.  Pray for healing for Dara.  Pray for strength for their family, as they are apart.  Pray for strength for Dara’s little body, as she deals with the change in her body.  And be thankful for them, too.  Thankful that they are a wonderful family and so loving and such a blessing to others.  Thankful that Dara could recieve treatment and care.  Thankful for answers and a plan to move forward.  God is Good.

L, M, D, C and Dara… we love you guys so much.  You are in our every thought and prayers.  Thanks for being awesome.

**Update July 16th**  Day 4 post-op.  Dara is off suction and so is using her bowels on her own.  She is, I think, still on IV.  She has passed a BM on her own – yay, Dara.  Thank you for your prayers.  Please keep them coming.

17 responses to “Guided

  1. Well, that’s a slightly more eventful holiday than you expected, but yes, God is good.

  2. Wow, things really did work out for the best, God is good!
    I will be praying for baby Dara.

  3. Keeping Baby Dara in my thoughts. And what a blessing that everything went as best as could be hoped for in an unfortunate situation.

  4. That is great how God worked it all out into a holiday time for you guys, and that you could be there to support them! I will keep Dara in my prayers…I remember your sweet little photos of her as a newborn and felt sad when I saw your facebook status. So hugs to all…especially Dara’s family.

  5. What a beautiful picture. Big hug!

  6. Don’t you just love to see God’s hand in these situations even when they are tough ones. I will be praying for this family. How scary for her parents or her.

  7. wow! what a story! God is good, isnt he!

  8. Karen Sheppard

    I loved your story Liz. Thank you so much for the wonderful friends you have been to Luke & Mar and their family. We are so thankful that God was indeed in every moment and went before making the way for Dara to be at the right hospital at the right time. It makes me cry just thinking how wonderfully God timed everything.

  9. Fran De Vries

    That story just gives me goosebumps but then again God is so amazing that we should be in constant goosebumpness. I really feel for Luke and Mar and baby Dara but the worst is over and thank God for that. (Thanks for letting me have Hunter for a few hours today. It was Great)

  10. I will be praying too!! We know alot these days of just how faithful God truly is and exactly how amazing Children’s Hospital is too:>

  11. So glad it worked out for sweet, little Dara, hope she mends quickly and feels better soon. She and her family are in my thoughts.

  12. Little Dara is in my prayers.

  13. I was wondering why there was such a pause in blog activity over here. And I didn’t hear about Dara’s troubles until this morning. We are praying – and thank-you for the explanation – and for pointing out God’s goodness. God is Good!

  14. This is an amazing story! Thanks for sharing it.

  15. What a series of *fortunate* events – Lemony Snicket would be disappointed. ; )

  16. Oh wow. God IS good! I hope baby Dara heals very quickly!

  17. What a scary situation….God is very good!

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