Pullin’ up

Susannah has been trying to stand since she was just teensy. She has been holding our fingers and trying to walk at a very early age, as well. She has been moving (non-stop) since before she was six months old. She figured out how to sit unaided just after she turned seven months and now, at eight months old, she is pulling herself up onto everything in sight.
pulled up
Now that she’s up on things, she just needs to figure out how to get down, otherwise when she flops, we get this…

In oher exciting news. One of my dearest friends welcomed a little girl into her family of Mom, Dad and two wonderful boys. Here she is.
New friend
Susannah was VERY excited to eat meet her.
Meeting her new best friend

14 responses to “Pullin’ up

  1. Oh poor girl she looks very upset!

    Love her tongue in the last pic what a cute funny kid!

  2. what a beautiful baby! whats her name? i love her hair!

  3. I can’t believe she is pulling up already! Crazy. Abby started doing that around 9 months and Josie is no where near.

    The new little bundle is so sweet. :)

  4. Darn second babies!! They grow up too fast! The new baby is ADORABLE. More hair than my 19 month old!

  5. Eat her, hee hee!

    Susannah has always been a strong girl. I remember your post about how she was already holding her head up. She’s got your athletic genes!

  6. I can see that Susannah is thinking “Oh, my, she looks delicious!”

  7. thanks for the message, my only one… how sad.

  8. Go Susannah! She’s so frigin adorable and getting so big :-)

  9. Way to go Sooz! That’s the way to keep Mama on her toes.

    That beautiful newborn has so much hair!

  10. wow, i don’t know if reaching all those milestones so early is a good or not-so-good thing ~ you must be on the go go go all the time keeping up with the sweeties!

  11. what a little champ! (or is it championette?) obviously determined to stay ahead of the curb! wonder if she’ll be able to play ball like her mamma?!

  12. I can’t believe your baby is about to start walking!! That is nuts!! Tell her she is too young still. I’m trying in vain to keep Hope from growing up too fast. Let me know if you find a trick.

  13. that is the sweetest T shirt..I love it.

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