Domestic Goddess to the Rescue

Do you love rice?

Do you have kids?

Are you tired of having rice stuck to your feet/socks/slippers/kid’s hair/kid’s clothes?

Well, do I ever have a solution for you!!

When you feed your eight-month-old daughter and (almost) three-year-old son rice with dinner, this is the best solution yet…

You just leave all the rice bits where they are and avoid the area for at least 24 hours.  The rice will dry up and then, it’s super easy to clean up.  It will just sweep away without any problems.  No more rice in your socks and wedged and sticking in the broom as you try to sweep the floor.  No more rice under your fingernails as you attempt to clean the broom.  No more rice falling all around the garbage can and the sink as you try to clean up your trusty broom.

All in favour?

19 responses to “Domestic Goddess to the Rescue

  1. Funny, but oh so true. Sometimes I wonder why I bother cleaning up fresh peas and rice and noodles when it’d be easier to clean up when it’s all dry and crusty, like you say. That, or I just need to get a dog. That would solve a lot of problems.

  2. Liz, you are a funny funny girl. That picture of Suze is hilarious.

  3. Actually, this is my tactic with all food. You should see under my kitchen table. No, you shouldn’t. Under the boys booster seats? Same nasty story.

  4. Haha, too funny.

  5. We eat tons of rice here, too. I always dread it knowing it will be everywhere. I try to let it dry out for the ease of cleaning the next morning, but oh, I just can’t let it sit there. It drives me crazy and I have to clean it up. Help, someone just needs to hit the off button on my brain while the grains lose their moisture.

  6. Oh, and I love the pic of Sooz excitedly raising her hand. CUTE!

  7. Sounds like a solution to me. But how to you get the kids to stop trampling through it before it dries? hee hee

  8. A trick we’ve been practicing for awhile! Works like a charm. :)

  9. What do you do with the rice stuck in the hair?

  10. I have the grossest highchair on the planet. I now let all the yuks dry and then vacum it all up later. NEVER would have done that with my first kid!! HA

  11. all in favor? I!

  12. I laughed out loud! You are so funny!

  13. Our beagle does a great job of cleaning up rice… or anything else dropped on the kitchen floor!

  14. I love your title :)

    What a good idea..I’m so freaky about things on the floor I usually can be found on my hands and knees picking food up one by one…

  15. We HATE the aftermath of rice. Arg!

    She is way too cute, though :)

  16. it is true. I’ll bet you can guess how I know!?

  17. Does this work for gummy vitamins too?

  18. You’re hilarious. Do you mean, avoid the kitchen for the whole day (I say aye to that!), or just step over the rice?

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