This just in…

Family photo shoot with the in-laws.

‘Twas fun.  Now, by fun I mean that Hunter was overtired, cranky, very cold and is sick.  Awesome!  The hats and coats were tossed aside for the three minutes in which this picture was taken.


15 responses to “This just in…

  1. You could not tell it was “fun” by the photo!

    That is a GREAT family portrait!

    Y’all are beautiful :)

  2. What a great picture!

  3. Great looking family – I love that the boys are in blue and the girls in pink ;)

  4. What a beautiful family you are, inside and out. God Bless your family!!

  5. BEAUTIFUL family photo!

  6. Oh man! That’s a lovely family pic !!! ^_^

  7. That’s a GREAT pic!

    Love you guys!

  8. Somehow you timed it just right and got everyone smiling, despite the crankiness.

  9. What a stunning and beautiful family you are!! Great shot:)

  10. What a great family photo! Everyone is looking and smiling! A miracle! hee hee

  11. You guys look great!

  12. It’s just amazing that everyone is smiling!

  13. I am so impressed everyone is looking and smiling at the same time…that is AMAZING! you all look great, totally worth the three minutes of cold torture.

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